Who was this Christoph Gluck?

An ordinary forester’s son from the Upper Palatinate…? A traveller all over Europe, a man who associated with the important figures of his time…?

A hot tempered person who made no concessions as a composer and thought nothing of giving opera stars a piece of his mind: “…and above all don’t forget that screaming don’t mean singing!““Il beato porco”, a man of pleasure, who at table reclaimed the best bits from all dishes for himself having two bottles of red wine with it…?
Or, for the opera of the 18th century, the outstanding figure who influenced the development of this art form decisively…?One thing is certain: one of the music history’s most significant composers was born on 2nd of July 1714 in Weidenwang in the vicinity of Berching. Really? Or was the nearby Erasbach his actual birthplace, where since 1871 an impressive monument reminds of the most famous son?Lots of questions – we can give the answers. If you are interested in the life, the opus and the veritable European career of Christoph Willibald Gluck visit the multimedia-exhibition in the Museum of Berching (english version). Representative audio samples of his collected works and impressive pictures take you back to the 18th century and provide manifold information about the celebrated reformer of the opera, the successful businessman Gluck and his music. Afterwards we would like to invite you for a walking-tour from Weidenwang to Erasbach following the trail of Christoph W. Gluck